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Gisela Grace S. Alvarez  — Australia

辽宁11选5走势图Attached is the photo of our family with our pet labradoodle, Jem. A little background of our family: We live on the Central Coast in Australia. Like any responsible “parent”, our family...

辽宁11选5走势图Susan Caruso  — USA 辽宁11选5走势图

My husband and I adopted Jack (a one year old male Pug/Chihuahua mix) three months ago from a shelter (we are his third home in a year) and to put it mildly he was 20 pounds of terror-- dominate...

Carla J. Johnson  — Long Beach, California, USA

I love Secrets to Dog Training. I rescued two German Shepherds and I did not know anything about dog obedience. One of my dogs was quite aggressive with other dogs, and crazy about chasing cats and...

Kerranne Byrd-Taft  — Maryland, USA

辽宁11选5走势图Wanted to say thanks to Secrets to Dog Training for a delightful two plus months. I'm a first time dog owner but my husband isn't and I have learned a tremendous amount from purchasing your book. The...

Anke Herrman  — Granada, Spain

Hi Daniel, I am a first time dog owner。 After years in an office I now work from home and had been thinking of getting a dog for some time。 I was still in the process of deciding whether to go to a。。。

All you need to understand, train, and care for your pet the way they deserve!

Secrets to Dog Training

The internet’s #1 dog obedience training and behaviour resource.

Dog House Training

All you need to know to keep those doggy messes outside where they belong。

Dog Health

Inside information about caring for the health of your dog.

Dog forum

辽宁11选5走势图So you can share triumphs, issues, hints, and tips with other dog and cat owners.

Complete Cat Care

Complete Cat Training and Care you need for a happy, healthy, well-behaved cat.

辽宁11选5走势图Tropical Fish Care

For your own world-beating aquarium, and thriving tropical fish.

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