Audrey & SoCo

North Carolina, USA

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the excellent advice contained in your books. About 6 months ago I adopted a 6wk old lab mix from a nearby shelter. Once I got SoCo home, I realized that I may have gotten in over my head. He was so hyper and out of control I was worried whether or not it was going to work out. While searching the web for tips on dog training, I stumbled across your website, and what a god send! After purchasing and reading your tips on housebreaking, becoming ‘alpha male’, and basic obedience, I started to apply what I was learning.
Within a couple days I was seeing drastic results from SoCo. He wasn’t perfect but for just a puppy, he was everything I wanted! Thank you so much for making ours a happy home!!

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